Pick-A-Dilly Yorkshire Terrier Puppies 

Pick-a-Dilly Yorkshire Terriers are carefully selected for good health and family-friendly, sweet temperaments. Our Yorkies are cuddly, gentle pets that are easy to train and want to please. They are not "nippy" or aggressive as many Terriers are. This is why people rave about our puppies!

Our goal: cute faces, big eyes, small ears, plush easy-care coats, and small size. We have both traditional and unusual, such as sable, chocolate and particolor. Note: These are not "Beiwer" Yorkies.

 30 years experience with Yorkies means you can trust our expertise to save you money and frustration. We can answer your questions with sound advice.

 Want one of our little cuties? With two long time Veterinary references and many happy clients, you can have confidence in our Yorkies! Located in Memphis TN. ground transport available or flight nanny. xxapper@gmail.com


Here are pups typifying the appeal and quality you get with a Pick-A-Dilly Yorkie. They are already in homes. If you think a Pick-A-Dilly pup is right for you, give us a call or text to see if we have the puppy you've been searching for!  901 491-7377